About Us

Welcome to Mila’s Closet, where comfort meets style! Our brand and website launched on December 5, 2022 with one goal in mind: cute comfortable clothes.

The reason behind starting our own company was based off of our daughter, Mila. Mila was born in April 2022 with no issues in sight. However, a couple of short months later she developed very intense eczema along with multiple skin infections. Nothing could soothe her dry and irritated skin, which was constantly developing open wounds. Although she handled it all so well for being so tiny, as parents we had to find solutions. One of the many we came across in our trial and errors was material. We cleared out her closet and kept only bamboo material or the softest organic cotton you could find, most of which cost a fortune. We decided to create our own affordable brand to help not only Mila, but all of the other babes who experience eczema and skin issues as well.

As we continue to expand upon our own brand, we also offer items from other amazing shops as well! Thank you for shopping and supporting our journey. 🫶🏼


Owners: Amanda & Richie (Mila’s mom & dad)